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What A Day In The Life Of An AWS Solutions Architect Looks Like

Everyone wonders what a typical AWS Architect does and why they are paid the big bucks. Today we are here to break it down. Like everyone else, 9 o’clock is when the day starts, after the rush-hour traffic. The first thing is looking up the emails after you fill up your coffee mug AWS Solutions Architect. You need to understand that this job is basically the bridge between ideas and reality. So, you will be a part of many team discussions and they would always loop you on the issues. If you don’t have the patience to read through many, many emails, you should develop the habit before you pick this profession. You are an integral cog and everyone from the ERP team to the Website team will let you know the issues. The job part is the satisfaction you get when you resolve the issues.

What Do They Do Behind Closed Doors During A Meeting?

Well, the actual magic always happens behind the curtains. The RCA or the Root Cause Analysis is a major part of the job. Ever since efficiency overtook hard work, you are required to address not just the issue at hand, but to zero in the cause. Once you find out what is wrong, fixing it is the priority. Most of the issues will be latency in the middle of the night or a website crash due to heavy traffic etc. The challenge is to isolate the issue from the logs and work on it without disrupting the actual business.

What Are The Day-To-Day-Dealings?

If a Business Intelligence team is the front end of any business and they are ones with the superpower of knowing the customer requirements. The success of a company is usually dependent on these folks. Before you devise a system for them, you will need to hold meetings in collaboration with the other teams as well, like the Marketing, the ERP etc. It is imperative that you get everyone to agree to the plan before you implement it. Remember, trying to satisfy everyone is an impossible task, but getting them to meet halfway is very much possible.

As a cloud architect, you need to build scripts with resilience and avoid the pitfalls in the previous versions. The major concern will be doing it in a way that is pocket-friendly to the company. This is the part that is going to make you stand out among your peers.

What Do You Need To Look Out For?

One of the few reasons why people don’t succeed in this job is because they stick to their comfort zones. If coding is their area of expertise, they choose to stick with it. Attempting to solve all the problems with one solution often results in more problems. Taking a back seat and bringing about an eagle’s eye view is essential. It is essential to come up with a solution that fits every team better.

As a person who moves with the people stuck behind their computers in the backend as well as the team in the frontend, they get to interact with everyone. They enjoy meeting higher officials in a social environment to discuss business, of course. As a person that forms a strong bond with everyone, they get paid what they deserve. This all sounds hard and intimidating, but you will be Batman solving the company’s problems day in and day out. We will leave you with that thought.

Well, we have given you a brief description of what a day in the life of an AWS Solutions Architect looks like. If you think we have missed something crucial, feel free to share your views in the comments section.

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