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Showbox App Is Not Working? Fix-It All The Bugs On Your Android And ios device

The Showbox app has achieved a lot of popularity in the past so many years with the help of advancement in the technology. and the good and better use of the internet, however, there are many situations that come where this app get shut down and stop working. Some times its create the errors to the site or my Showbox won’t play create the issue and the problem in the bug. So you have to know about how to fix these error in different situation of the Showbox app.

What do you mean by the Showbox app?

Showbox app is the best and famous app for the people to watch the TV shows, movies, series and other channels. The best part of this site is it shows all video without any buffering .therfore the clarity of the video is also good and people can enjoy their movies, video and other channels in HD without any cost.morover, people can enjoy this app on ios and androids also, No matter which device are you using but you just need an Internet connection to avil the videoes. It will be filled with many features. But now this app shows some error in the site like Showbox movies not playing, Showbox update error, and many more. If you want to fix these issue of Showbox then you have to read bellow.

How to fix the Showbox movies not working?

Showbox app is the most popular app in the world, but sometimes you have to face some not able to open the app properly. If you want to fix this app and what’s wrong with Showbox. Then come bellow I will tell your solution for this

1.Fix Showbox update not working error

So many times you will see this error that Showbox on android not working. Due to this error, you can not open the app properly or If you will search this app in the play store you will find that the app is removed due to his irregular performance. If you really  want to fix the Showbox android app not working then the solution is here

Solution: At this case, you have to just restart the modem and after that, you have to just connect the internet again.

2.fix Showbox video not available error

Showbox not downloading movies is most popular people face in this app.whenever people open any kind of video or movies then this error will show to the users. If you want to fix this error Showbox not working December 2019, then come bellow to the solution.


  1. You have to reinstall the version of the Showbox apk for fix the Show box movies not loading
  2. Then you have to open the app and check that app is working or not.
  3. Go to the setting and open the app. After that, you have to delete all the cache and install again.
  4. At last, you have to open any video which you want to see after that you can enjoy the app.

3. Fix  Showbox stopped on your PC or window error

If you are facing the problem again then you can handle it easily. But in some case, If your Android TV box Showbox not working, the above mention solution will not work. If you want to fix this error come bellow to the solution.


1.Reinstall Showbox app.After that run an android emulator.

2. After that som small option will come on the front of you, just click on them. Then take your cursor to the setting option and after that select the app manager.

3.after that, an image will come in front of you with the message, Then you have to remove it permanently.

4. In the end, you have to reinstall the latest app version and install it. After that, you can enjoy the latest video and movies.

4 Fix Showbox app cache error

Showbox cache error, this problem is face ever a time in this app and many people are facing this problem to fix the error please read the bellow solution then you can able to fix the error.


1. At first, you have to go to the setting option and check the general category option.

2. Select the application manager and you have to choose all the application or all the option. After that click on the Showbox app.

3. Then you will find the Showbox app, and then you have to clear all the cache by using the click button on t.

Therefore, these are all the solution which help you to fix these error while Showbox is not working. If you need more information about this, let me know in the comment section below.

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