Are you a fashion freak and love keeping yourself updated with the latest trends? Do you often think about how to find a perfect pair for your feet? Well, if these are some of the questions running around your head, then I might have a remedy to that. It’s no hidden fact that your attire displays your reflection in public and your shoes speak the language of your personality. 

It is never too hard to believe that your look is just complete with the right pair of shoes. Though searching for one might be a cumbersome process, but there is nothing to worry when you can get shoes online. Moreover, you need not turn millions of web pages to land on the right one; we are here to take you all along.


Well, nothing can beat the value of a physical store, especially when it’s about the comfort of your feet. But switching to e-commerce stores is worth your time. Off-course you won’t get to experience how does it feel to try your favourite pairs, but you can surely choose the right one with these following tips.

  • Choose the right platform: Well, with multiple e-commerce sites out on the web, you need to choose the right one carefully. The right brand can give you something more than expected while a wrong move can make you fall in a ditch.
  • Return policy: Before you start scrolling down the options to choose the one made for you, always prefer to check their replacement policy. Since it is not a physical store, you need to be very cautious about spending your money the right way and not to get trapped. A good replacement policy can help you in case the product is not the way it was desired.
  • Description: Always check the product description to know more about the quality, colour and other details related to the product. You might not get exactly what it looks like in the picture. So read all the instructions present on the website carefully. And if you don’t find the relevant information, try to avoid those products. 
  • Take a trial: As soon as your product arrives, always check the fit and comfortability inside the house in a clean area. Removing the tags will make it ineligible to make a return in case needed. Taking a trial on the first day is a good idea since you still get time to make the return before the return period is over.
  • Please choose the right size: Every e-commerce website has its size guide which you can check before you select any standard size. Getting the wrong size delivered will undoubtedly make your experience bitter. But if you cannot find a size chart, hold tight and read our next section.
  • Brand: Well, if you are one of those who prefer it more branded, then always try to buy it from their official website. Though you can get the same product on many other e-commerce platforms with a discount tag you can’t trust their authenticity. 


We surely understand the pain when you don’t get precisely what you desire. One of the most common reasons to fall in a trap while shopping for shoes online is your inability to choose the right size. But it would be best if you do not worry anymore. Here are a few easy to follow steps to get it all right. 

  • Take a blank A3 size paper, a pencil and a ruler.
  • Wear a thin stocking and keep your foot on the paper.
  • Now draw the shape of your foot carefully with the help of a pencil.
  • Now draw a line from the highest point on your toe and heel so that they are parallel to each other.
  • Measure the distance between the drawn lines and compare them with any standard size chart to get the perfect size of footwear.

It is never too late to learn the right tips while buying shoes online. However, there are multiple options available out there to choose from the list. But what you choose is your choice. Just remember not to fall in the trap and do invest wisely. No matter what, your shoes genuinely reflect your trait.


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