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Outstanding Budget Hotel Design Without Compromising Quality

When creating a budget hotel design, quality is usually determined due to cost concerns. Hoteliers and customers, on the other hand, want high quality and unique services. They expect to see the best even with the lowest budgets. In other words, budget hotels have to provide customers with affordable accommodation while keeping a tasteful design in order to guarantee guests’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Small space with elegant design

A budget hotel term does not necessarily mean that the design’s quality has to suffer. It’s always better to scatter a few elegant design elements in a small place rather than more but with poor taste. Quality does not always refer to spending a lot of money and consequently, budget hotel design can undoubtedly include unique but simple features. In The United Kingdom, more than a third of newly designed hotels are being categorized as budget hotels yet, used standards are classified to be poor. This requires exerting some efforts in order to change the perception of budget hotels.

Hotel Design

Real experience for guests

A good design is not only the main factor for a successful hotel, meanwhile creating an innovative but real experience could be more powerful.  Younger generation guests could be the perfect candidates for being brand ambassadors when they share their accommodation experiences with others on social media channels, yet they should first feel a friendly atmosphere. This definitely helps in promoting the hotel’s brand as well as attracting more visitors who seek to live a similar experience. Budget hotel designers had some interests recently with regard to reducing the energy without sacrificing the comfort of the guests targeting attracting the guests who became more acquainted with environmental sustainability.

Budget lobby design

All hotels, regardless of their classification, care to provide a warm welcome to guests without keeping them waiting too long to receive the keys to their private rooms. A budget hotel’s lobby is usually simple and practical where designers carefully make use of every inch without exaggeration. The hotel’s name and logo are usually being placed in a clear location in order to assure guests that they are in the right destination. Designers usually adopt the minimalist approach to use less furniture, less bright lighting and simple décor in the reception area telling the guests that they have chosen the right place.

Hotel Design

Budget guest room design

Budget hotel designers tend to use a light colourful scheme while designing guestrooms. It gives guests a feeling of assurance and brightness inside the room. It also emphasizes the sense of cleanliness in them. Designers also use small-sized furniture to provide space for guests to move freely inside the room. The furniture includes a comfy practical bed without accessories that might take up more space, simple mattresses free of ruffles to avoid any space crowd and a TV screen that is being fixed to the wall.

Budget guest room design

The exact opposite appears in businessmen rooms where dark colours are being used in some parts of the room to reflect luxury. The room is usually divided into main areas: a sleeping area, an office area and a sitting lounge. The furniture contains bigger-sized furniture, accessories, a fixed desk with seats, other practical equipment in addition to a phone and an alarm clock yet the common factor between the two categories of the room lies in using the white colour in bed sheets for indicating hygiene and comfort. 

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