When essentials foods are a permanent part of your diet, you will never fail to boost hair growth. You see, a nutritional imbalance is quite a common reason for hair thinning, and it all stems from poor diets.

So if you think that now is the time your diet needs to undergo a radical change for better health and glorious hair, we’re with you. We have compiled a list of the most nutritious, hair-boosting foods that will ensure you have strong, shiny, and healthy hair for good.

So without further ado, let’s get started. 


Salmon is rich in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. When your diet includes omega-3 fatty acids, your scalp will grow healthy, strong strands. In fact, not only does salmon support active and beautiful hair growth, but it also benefits your central nervous system, reduces inflammation, and keeps you healthy overall.

Greek Yogurt

Oh man, as if we needed another excuse to consume more Greek yoghurt. You see, Greek yoghurt is protein-packed and also contains vitamin B5. This pantothenic acid is a combatant against hair loss and thinning. You can now figure why so many hair growth products highlight this pantothenic acid on the labels. 


If eggs are a staple part of your breakfast, you’re doing a great job to improve your hair health already. Eggs are rich in biotin and protein, two nutrients that are a winning combination for hair growth. You know keratin makes most of our hair, and we can call our hair protein. 

Hair growth benefits with sufficient protein because our hair follicles depend largely on it. If you are deficient in protein, you shouldn’t be surprised to see horrible clumps of hair falling off your comb every day.

Peanut Butter and Peanuts too

Peanuts are also rich in biotin, so they prevent thinning and stimulate your hair growth. Peanuts contain proteins, fibre, and even antioxidants, so there is no reason why your hair will not look shiny, supple, and strong after consuming portions of peanuts. 


Spinach is full of wonderful nutrients, just like your other leafy and dark green vegetables are. Spinach packs a ton of vitamin A, in addition to vitamin C, folate, beta carotene, and iron. Together, these elements nourish your scalp and, ultimately, your mane. They moisturize and replenish the brittle and weak strands.

Throw in a bunch of kale for even better effects. 


Berries are super healthy for your hair, too, because they contain rich amounts of vitamins and beneficial compounds. The vitamin C in berries contains powerful antioxidant properties that protect your hair follicles from damage.

Free radicals can be detrimental for your hair, but these molecules exist naturally in our environment and even our bodies. But with berries, such as strawberries, replenish and protect your hair. The vitamin C will also help your body absorb iron from your diet, thus reducing hair loss. 

Chia Seeds

If you have been searching for a vegan source of omega-3, you need to look no further than chia seeds. They contain rich amounts of omega-3 along with antioxidants and fibre. You can call it a nutritional powerhouse, a complete protein, etc., for your hair.

Chia seeds promote luscious and stronger hair and are so versatile; they can fit your meals in a hundred ways. Consider adding them to smoothies and cereal bowls too. 


Guava is a tropical fruit overflowing with vitamin C. This delicious fruit provides anti-breakage properties meaning your hair will not break and strengthen with each intake. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are miraculous because they contain beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A. This compound has scientifically proven to be very good for hair health. If you take a medium-sized sweet potato, it will give you more than four times or your daily vitamin A requirement. 

Research also supports that sweet potatoes give us vitamin A which is important for sebum production. This, in turn, makes our hair healthier. 


Pumpkin has tons of beta-carotene and iron. You can consume half a cup of your favourite pumpkin squash and obtain less than one gram of fat and eighty-three calories. Pumpkin furthermore repairs our body’s cells from damage with vitamins E and C. We’re sure you have stacks of pumpkin recipes already in your cookbook.


Avocado is a primary source of healthy fats. This delicious ingredient has rich sources for vitamin E that is a booster of hair growth. One medium-sized avocado a day will keep your hair woes away, literally. You can get approximately 21% of your daily vitamin E requirements from a single avocado. 


Grapes are sources of polyphenolic compounds, so they not only give us our favourite wine but the antioxidant properties also minimize hair damage. Dihydrotestosterone production is among the primary reasons for hair loss.

The good news? Grapes contain OPC (Oligomeric proanthocyanidins) that reduce this harmful production. A cup of grapes daily is all you need to protect your tissues against inflammatory damage.


Nuts are so tasty; we would eat them even without knowing what wonders they do for our hair. Nuts contain tons of nutrients that boost our hair growth. Almonds give you vitamin E while others you B vitamins variety, essential fatty acids, and zinc.

A bunch of mixed nuts would benefit your hair tremendously. 

Final thoughts

Nutritional balance is a sure way of promoting an active growth of hair. Studies tell us that deficiencies of essential nutrients weaken our hair structure, cut short the anagen phase, and lead to permanent hair loss. With a few easy additions to your daily diet, you can make sure you stay healthy, and your hair grows actively. 

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