Moving to Dogpatch

We moved into our new studio a few weeks ago.Β  After a long flight back from Paris, we woke up bright n' early for our moving team. They were swift, mighty and basically heroic-- managing to shoehorn over 5 years of accumulated patterns, supplies, file cabinets, furnishings and boxes into one burly truck.

This is our space-- love the light, the wood floors, exposed brick, 14 foot ceilings and most importantly the vastness. A huge improvement from drowning in fabric swatches at our kitchen table.

The next stop on our moving weekend was (obviously) the Alameda Flea Market. Held the first Sunday of every month on the main runway at Alameda Point, it's an ideal place to find special treasures-- furnishings, collectibles, vintage clothing-- you just never know what you'll find. And that's the fun of this type of shopping- the surprise element. Have to say, we really got lucky the day after our move.Β  Really excited to begin to work in our lovely open space. It just feels right.