The story goes something like this: boy meets girl, boy makes tees to impress girl, sparks fly, they launch a dream, boy and girl fall madly and deeply, boy needs girls partnership, girl commits to loving and living the dream with boy, boy and girl run off together with wild abandon

The tale of The Podolls began in 2003, when an abstract painter wandered into a San Francisco boutique to discuss his ideas for graphic tees with the buyer for said boutique. The two realized that their interests coincided in art, commerce and beyond. Inspired by their mutual passions for aesthetics, idealism, hilarious human nature and the pursuit of infinite joy, the painter, Josh Podoll, and the buyer, Lauren Berdell (Podoll), ignited the spark of ingenuity within each other and they became partners.

That auspicious meeting set the stage for what would evolve into a line of handcrafted organic cotton t-shirts united under the name 'Josh Podoll'. Creativity (and romance!) blossomed and soon the husband and wife team found themselves moving beyond the tee, producing a full collection of versatile, sustainable clothing for women.

They were quickly growing and nearly overlooked the reality that their brand name didn't accurately express the nature of their partnership in business and in life. Therefore, in 2010, the brand formerly known as 'Josh Podoll' officially became The Podolls. Same commitment to sustainability, same handcrafted garments, same inspired silhouettes, simply an evolution of the name.... like the next delightful 'chapter' of our story, if you will.